1: Consultation

Consultation on site with the client is the first stage in the design development process. Ideas are discussed around the clients vision for the existing property and new ideas engaged.

2: Concepts

Concepts are developed through a series of hand sketches, plants imagery and material ideas. Concepts are a great way for both the client and designer to engage in more free flowing ideas.
A concept plan can be developed after ideas have been thoroughly introduced and a clear visual direction has become established.

3: Project Plan

A Project Plan is developed based on the final completion in the concept stage. It is a more detailed plan and will outline the specifics of the job such as site analysis, dimensions, inclusions, detailed plants and materials list. The plan will enable the client to see the garden presented as is in a designed setting.

4: 3D Modeling

Modeling is an excellent way for the client to experience their design in full 3D imagery before the construction stage begins, its also a great way to revise the garden from all angles, helping the client to see the garden as it was intended once established.

5: Construction

Based on the information within the project plan, construction will begin.
All our work is completed by highly skilled contractors and craftsman. Dan is a hands-on designer and likes to be involved through the construction process. All planting is completed by Dan Thomas as well as overseeing each project.

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